Pumping equipment

United Production Atom has capability to complete industrial facilities with pumping units according to the Customer’s project. In the case of the project containing only input and output parameters of pumping units (i.e. “black box”) we can design such units. Our enterprises manufacture pumping units as well as spare parts for it, and perform repairs of any pumping equipment. The range of our pumping equipment includes but is not limited to:

NPP Pumps

MCP-317, MCP 195-M2, CN 50-135, PEA 65-56, CN 60-180, PEA 150-85 etc.
The enterprise develops and manufactures pumping equipment and spare parts for it for nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 and VVER-440 reactors.


Glandless electric pumps with magnetic clutch

These pumps exclude the usage of both driveshaft’s gland and face packing assemblies, that are known for low reliability and allowing the leakage of pumped environment.
Those are intended for pumping explosive and flammable liquids; in oil and gas refining production and fat-and-oil industry for working in the environments with operating temperatures up to 250°C-350°C; for pumping aggressive and toxic products, leakage of which is unacceptable.

Pumps “CNS”

CNS 240, CNS180-1050/1422/1900,

CNS 63-1400, CNS 90-1100

are designed for pumping of chemically low and neutral lightly contaminated liquids, and also for the injection of water into oil-bearing strata in order to maintain the stratum pressure. Area of application: water-drainage installations of coal mines, oil-producing, oil-refining and chemical industries, supply of feed water, etc.

Feed Pumps “PE”

PE 65-40/53, PE 100-32/53,

PE 150-53/63

for the water supply of thermal power plants’ stationary steam boilers

Network Pumps “SE”

to pump water in the heating systems

Pumps “CN”

CN 400-105, CN 400-210, CN 1000-180-3

Pumps “D”

D 2000-21-2, D 2000-100-2, D 2500-62-2, D 3200-33-2, D 3200-75-2, D 4000-95-2,

D 6300-27-3

for pumping water in the supply systems of industrial and municipal facilities, it is also used for land irrigation and drainage

Condensate Pumps “Ks”, “Ksv”

for pumping condensate in the water-steam networks of thermal power plants

Vacuum liquid-packed ring pump «VVN»

VVN 2-50M), VVN 150-0.2/1-2S (VVN2-150M), VVN1-50T, VVN2-50N, VVN2-50H
and liquid-packed ring compressor “VK”
for chemical, mining and smelting, coal mining, pulp and paper, and sugar industries
Oil residual pumps of type «ND» CSN 485-54a (10 ND-6×1), CSN 300-420a-10 (8ND-10×5)
are used in the oil industry, transportation of petroleum products
Pumps “SK”
for pumping juices, syrups and other process liquids in sugar-beet production