Equipment repair

United Productions constantly develop technologies for repairing critical and expensive high complexity parts and components for compressors, pumps, and valves, as well as for increasing their durability by using thick-layered wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings, new materials, and efficient design modernization. We have considerable experience in equipment repairing manufactured by enterprises of many countries all over the world not only by native but also by foreign companies (Italy, France, the USA, Japan, Czech Republic, etc).

1. Gas and air turbo-compressors. Full repairing of air and gas turbo-compressor machines of different types (including import delivery) includes, as a rule, reconstructive repairing of the rotor, manufacturing of radial sliding and plain thrust bearings, sealing of different types, parts of thrust group, and embedded items. Rotor repairing technology that we created provides reconstruction to the nominal sizes of all worn-out surfaces of shaft and impellers by applying tick (to 1000mkm) solid (HV 800-1000) wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant chromium coating without high-temperature impact, followed by finishing sanding with one installation and dynamic balancing. Using above mentioned coatings the technology of clearing of shaft beat is created by United Productions that in many cases allows its reconstructive repairing without shaft disassembling and replacement. A complex of performed works during full repairing includes repairing and installation of labyrinth and contact sealing as well as radial sliding and plain thrust bearings. Currently, technical abilities of United Productions allow performing of full repairing of rotors with shaft length to 3000mm and with impellers diameter to 900mm. During the past 10 years, United Productions performed repairing of more than 55 rotors for turbocompressors of different types.

2. Air and gas piston compressors. Technologies of reconstructive repairing of major units and parts of air and gas piston compressors are manufactured and mastered by United Productions including import delivery:

  • manufacturing of new stocks and reconstruction to nominal wore sizes of length to 2500mm and diameter to 200mm;
  • reconstructive repairing of crankshaft due to applying tick-layered wear-resistant coatings on crank and main bearings without thermal influence;
  • material selecting and manufacturing of rope packing sets of different types.

3. Centrifugal, piston and plunger pumps. At first full repairing of centrifugal pumps includes reconstructive repairing of the rotor – the most critical and expensive part and also sliding bearings and embedded items. A complex of performed works while rotor repairing includes reconstruction to nominal sizes of all mounting and contact surfaces due to using tick-layered and wear-resistant and-corrosion-resistant chromium coatings as well as mounting and sealing surfaces of impellers, intermediate and end bowl protectors. Mentioned technology is used while manufacturing above-mentioned parts in corrosion-resistant version and instead of stainless steel high-tensile structural steel is used and the surface is protected from corrosion influence with enough tick chromium coating. It should be noticed that in mentioned conditions parts with a coating of 10 mkm according to corrosive resistance is not worse than stainless steel 12X18H10T. Using this technology shafts of length to 2500mm and of diameter to 200mm can be reconstructed and manufactured. While repairing piston and plunger pumps created technology is used for reconstruction of nominal size of stocks and plungers as well as the inner operating surface of sleeves and cylinders of diameter to 250mm. Complex of performed works also includes manufacturing of units of seals of different types and constructions.

4. Fittings — globe valves of different types for liquid and fluid mediums. Full repairing of globe vales of different types and purpose (including import delivery) includes, as a rule, the following set of operations:

  • grinding of spherical operating surface of globe plugs and bearing journal till clearing wearing problems and corrosion damages;
  • applying of thick-layered wear-resistant and-corrosion-resistant chromium coating on a spherical operating surface;
  • reconstruction at the nominal size of bearing journal of globe plug due to applying thick-layered chromium coatings;
  • grinding to nominal size of spherical operating surface of globe plug and bearing journals;
  • manufacturing of sealing elements of body seal rings;
  • manufacturing of sliding bearings for journals of globe plug and sealing;
  • reconstructive repairing of drives of different types (mechanical, pneumatic, pneumatic and hydraulic) for globe vales to DN1000;
  • performing hydraulic and bench tests.

United Productions in serial manufacturing makes full repairing of gas globe valves and drive mechanisms of known enterprises from DN50 to DN300 for chemical, oil, and gas industry.

5. Hydraulic jacks and hydraulic rams of high load capacity. Enterprises of our United Productions perform full repairing as well as the manufacture of new cylinders as a set of telescopic multistage rams for load platforms of different types with maximal increasing on the stock of 20t/sec with two-staged telescopic system stroke of 6,5m. Performed full repairing of multistage hydraulic jacks provides regrinding wore plungers, next applying tick-layered wear-resistant chromium coating on the operating surface and next clean grinding to nominal size. If there are some possible deformations and damages new plungers are manufactured. Replacement of guide bush of antifriction materials and sets of seal cup of high tensile wear-resistant elastomeric materials. Development, manufacturing, and delivery of different types of hydraulic jacks are performed according to technical tasks of customers for different unloading systems.

6. Full repairing and modernization of hermetic pumps of different types and purposes with a drive via a magnetic clutch. Full repairing of hermetic pumps of different types that in most cases work in processing lines of enterprises of the chemical industry as well as in processing lines of oil and gas processing industry provides performing of the following set of operations:

  • manufacturing of lead and driven magnet clutch with magnets and operation characteristics which are the same as broken;
  • manufacturing of radial and thrust bearings of shaft rotor sliding of high tick and cemented-oxide materials;
  • manufacturing or reconstructive repairing of an impeller of the shaft.

7. Manufacturing of critical parts and units of thrust group of compressor and pump equipment.

7.1. Enterprises of United Productions in industrial volume mastered the technology of stock manufacturing of air and gas piston compressor of native and import manufacture of thrust group of durability, operating contact surfaces that are hardened by the method of ionic azotization. According to developed technology for stock manufacturing forgings of high-tensile steel KP IV-Vth category of the durability of type 38X2MUA, 40XH2MA, З8XHЗMA, 38XH3MFA etc, and operating contact stock surfaces harden by ionic azotization with thickness of diffused layer 0,4-0,6mm hardness HV 700-800, that increase wearing, corrosion resistance and endurance strength of product. Manufacturing abilities of enterprises of our United Productions allow producing of critical parts such as stocks, plungers, shafts with length to 3000mm and diameter to 250mm according to mentioned technology.

7.2. Manufacturing of seal rings of sealing an end of a wide row of the typical size of superhard tungsten-carbide compositions of type BK6, BK15, as well as of cemented-oxide silicon carbide materials.

7.3. Manufacturing sets of radical and thrust sliding bearings of the wide row of typical sizes of cemented-oxide materials.

7.4. Full repairing or manufacturing of hydropneumatic cylinders of different types, parameters and set diameter to 200mm, length of stroke to 1000mm, and operating pressure to 100kgf/cm2.