Glandless electric pumps with magnetic clutch

Production Association produces several lines of glandless centrifugal and peripheral magnetic-drive pumps that excludes the using in them driveshaft’s packing assemblies (both gland and face), that are known for low reliability and allowing the leakage of pumped environment.

The indicated pumps are intended for pumping explosive and flammable liquids (petrol, gas condensate, spirit, liquefied hydrocarbon gas etc) and also aggressive and toxic products (acids, alkali, liquefied toxic gases etc.), leakage of which to the environment is unacceptable.
In oil-and-fat industry glandless high temperature centrifugal and peripheral pumps are used in vacuum systems of sunflower oil production processing lines, in particular, for suction of oil and derived products at high temperature (up to 350ºС) from under vacuum apparatus.
In oil and gas refining production glandless explosion-proof centrifugal and peripheral pumps are used for pumping cold and hot oil in processing lines and plants at a temperature of the operating environment up to 250÷350ºС.
The indicated pumps are universally used in transport systems of delivery, distribution and unloading of gas condensate, liquefied hydrogen gases, petrol etc.
In comparison to glandless pumps with screened stator produced by “Moldavgidromash” and “Hermetic Pumpen” the pumps of our production are of advanced reliability, maintainability, applicability (unlike the above mentioned forms) of serial electromotors produced at enterprises of CIS countries.
At consumer’s request our Association ensures spare part delivery and service maintenance for the whole pump service lifetime.


In these pumps hydraulic end, in which shaft rotates with impeller and leading magnetic clutch, is securely separated from the environment by glandless steel barrel, through thin cylinder course of which rotational moment from the external magnetic clutch is transferred to the internal derivate.
Rotor shaft rotates in the plain radial thrust bearings made of superhard mineral and ceramic materials and lubricated by the pumped environment.
Pump drive is carried out from the standard electric motor that can be assembled both as a monoblock (version A) when the leading clutch is mounted directly on motor shaft and in the variant (version Б), when the leading clutch is mounted on the shaft of separate intermediate bearing case and is driven by removed electric motor through pin coupling.
Electric pumps have explosion proof level of explosion protection with kinds of explosion protection “explosion-proof enclosure” and “special” ВЗТ-4В,С explosion proof mark according to the Rules of production of explosion-proof and mine electrical equipment. They can be installed in the rooms of all classes and outdoor installations of В-1г class according to the classification chapter VII section 3 Electrical installation code, dangerous by air-steam mixture, referred to categories 1,2 and 3, groups Т1, Т2, Т3 and Т4.
Operation safety of glandless electric pumps is provided by protection and automation equipment which switch off the electric pump by divergence of control parameters from the allowed value.