NPP Pumps

The enterprise develops and manufactures pumping equipment and spare parts for it for nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 and VVER-440 reactors.

Purpose of the pump Pump type
VVER-440 VVER-1000
1. Primary coolant circuit pumps: main circulation pumps MCP-317 MCP 195-M
2. Pumps of first-stage circuit systems: – blowing-feeding and cooling CN 50-135, PEA 65-56 CN 60-180, PEA 150-85
– reactor emergency cooling CN 65-130 X280/72-K-2g CN 150-110, CNR 800-220
– sprinkler 8NDv-x-2g CNSA 700-140
3. Pumps of second-stage circuit systems: – feed pumps PEA 850-56 PTA 3750-80
– emergency feed pumps PEA 65-56 PEA 150-85, CN 150-90
– condensate pumps KsVA 500-220 KsVA 1500-90, KsA 1500-240
– condensate drainage pumps KsVA 200-220 KsVA 630-175, KsVA 360-160

For pumps of the first class of the first and second stages circuits of nuclear power plants, we design and manufacture critical parts that determine units’ reliability, namely: pump flowing parts, unloading devices, mechanical seals and rotor supports.   We have been systematically supplied the above parts to the European power plants with VVER-1000 and VVER-440 units. We also manufacture pumps of the second class (for general industrial purposes) as well as spare parts for them. Usually these are centrifugal pumps of various designs: console, type D, type SE, etc.