Scientific and technical literature

The specialists of our enterprise under the leadership of the Technical Director Shevchenko S.S. scientific and production publications have created:

  1. Martsinkovsky V.A. , Shevchenko S.S. “Pumps of nuclear power plants: calculation, design, operation”: monograph / under total. ed. S.S. Shevchenko. Sumy: PF “Publishing House” University Book “, 2018. 472 p.
  2. Shevchenko S.S. “NPP pumps: Installation, operation, maintenance, repair”. Sumy: PF “Publishing House” University Book “, 2019. 196 p.

The main purpose of the publications is to improve the quality of operation and maintenance of NPP pumping equipment.

The first book describes the purpose, operating conditions and requirements for the pumping equipment of nuclear power plants with water-moderated water-cooled reactors, examines the designs of various pumps, the rules and norms for their engineering and manufacture. Analyzed various types of contact and non-contact seals and modern methods of their computation are presented, as well as the influence of groove seals on the vibration characteristics of interconnected radial-angular and radial-axial vibrations of the dynamic system rotor-seal-balancing device of a centrifugal machine. Covered the issues of maintenance and repair of NPP pumping equipment.

The second book describes the thermal schemes of nuclear power plants, the purpose and role of pumping equipment for their successful operation. The design and characteristics of various pumps and their individual units are eamined. Technological rules for installation, testing and start-up of NPP pumps are presented. The issues of operation, maintenance and repair of pumping equipment are highlighted, recommendations are given for preventing pump malfunctions and methods for their elimination.

The following books are currently being prepared for publication:

  1. Shevchenko S.S. , Gaft Ya.Z. “Stuffing box seals for dynamic pumps”: monograph / under total. ed. S.S. Shevchenko
  2. Shevchenko S.S. , Chernov A.E. “Mechanical seals of power pumps”: monograph / under total. ed. S.S. Shevchenko
  3. Shevchenko S.S. , “Seals of centrifugal machines rotors”: monograph.

These scientific and production publications are devoted to the issues of sealing technology. Below is a brief annotation of them.

Currently, pumps are equipped mainly with mechanical and radial stuffing box seals. The choice of seals is very important, since up to 70% of emergency shutdowns of pumps during operation are due to failure of seals. The rotating shaft seal is the most vulnerable part of the pump. The cost of the seals themselves can reach 20% of the cost of the pump, therefore the choice of the type of seal is determined by the requirements for the equipment and working conditions of the operating personnel, as well as economic feasibility.

Seals of movable joints are the most important units that determine the reliability, efficiency and safety of technological equipment. Seal failures often the cause major man-made disasters at nuclear power plants. Forced downtime of technological lines and systems due to seal failures cause enormous economic damage, and repair of seals requires a lot of manual labor and expensive materials.

In total all the listed publications constitute the library of the operating engineer of power enterprises.